February 2011
a new year...a new adventure!

i'll be putting music on the shelf for now to concentrate my efforts on a project that has been long in thought and planning.

janine stoll, melissa mcclelland and i have just launched the ladybird animal sanctuary (www.ladybirdanimalsanctuary.com).

we're saving animals from high kill shelters, giving them the vet care they need and placing them in foster homes until they can find their forever home. the long term plan is to purchase a property to open a physical sanctuary where we can house more animals, and give 'unadoptable' animals a place to live out their days. for now we're placing dogs, cats and small animals, but we plan to take in farm animals as well when we have the appropriate room and housing for them.

we're currently looking for foster homes and adopters for the animals, and donations to cover vet costs, food and supplies. we're working on acquiring our charitable status so we can eventually issue donation receipts, but for now we'll keep our donors updated on where their money is going. check out the site to see our available animals, and to learn more about what we're doing.

helping animals in need is something i've done on my own for quite a long time. being able to do it on a larger scale with two of my best friends is certainly a dream come true.

don't fret. i'm not giving music up entirely. i'm sure it will fall off the shelf every once in a while...

november 2008

lost password, website hosting change, day job, major home renovations...there are a myriad of excuses for why this website hasn't been updated for more than two years. but here it is, finally. i honestly think the only person who looks at this site is my mom, who gave up harassing me long ago for not updating more often. sorry mom.

so... what's been up in the musical land of lisa winn for the last couple years? let me tell you! loads of backing vocal gigs, most with the usual suspects like michelle titian and jacob moon. always fun. but some new ones too...emma-lee, lori yates, kim koren, tomi swick and an awesome band made up of stellar hamilton musicians and a guy named albert bouchard who happens to be one of the original members of blue oyster cult. how cool is that? pretty cool i'd say.

part of my last trip to europe two years ago was spent in a german recording studio singing traditional scottish songs. it's true.

i was honoured to be asked to take part in this internationally collaborative project by Jochen Roß and Jens-Uwe Popp. i'm featured on three songs on the cd, which is rounded out by some of the most beautiful instrumental music i've heard. check it out here: www.the-ten-islands.com

it's been a long time since i wrote, and actually finished a song. i was honestly convinced that the creative well had run dry, and my song-writing days were over. thankfully that's not the case. it took a request from the folks at the "design hope" project to get me off my saggy behind to write something for their annual charity cd. all proceeds go to help feed the homeless in hamilton. it's a great cause...and thanks to them, there's a new lisa winn song out there in the world. heh.


i'm currently obsessed with the music of a woman named imogen heap.


well, that's it for now. i promise to do a better job keeping up the updating around here...
mom will be so happy.

photo: 'busking for change' war child benefit with tomi swick - photo by marsha z

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