Some time in 2006

Welcome to the new website! Beautifully designed by the ever-adorable and talented Janine Stoll. She makes fabulous websites, and she makes pretty music too! When you’re done looking around here, you should check out her website. Tell her how cute she is and she might invite you over and make you pancakes.

Speaking of cute…one of the Ladybird Sideshow ladies has just released a new cd! Melissa McClelland presents to you: Thumbelina’s One Night Stand. I was privileged enough to do some backing vocals on a couple tracks. You can already hear some of the songs from the cd on the radio. Our little ‘Smelly’ is going to be famous! Yay!

Speaking of famous…Andrew Aldridge and I just returned from a great tour of Holland and Germany. The photo above is of us in Arnhem, Holland. Oh, how I love it there. People in Europe appreciate music in a totally different way than North Americans. It’s a sweet place to play live, and I consider myself very lucky that my music takes me there. Big thanks to all my friends who make it all possible.

Speaking of thanks….thanks for stopping by the new digs. Come back soon! I’ll make cookies.

February 20th, 2006

A photo I took on one of the beaches of Kihei, Maui. *sigh*

Melissa, Janine and I were fortunate enough to be able to visit our wayward Ladybird, Erin in her new digs there. We played some shows, laid on beaches, watched whales, swam with sea turtles, watched Erin play with her new band, drank lots, hung out with Roscoe and Byron....and of course, took millions of photos; some of which you'll be able to see on the Ladybird Sideshow site soon. Erin...thank you so much for having us. It was so great to see you and sing with you again. I miss you terribly.

Some solo shows are confirmed for Europe in April. I'm finally coming back and I can't wait! Look here for details.

One of my favourite things on the internet is right here.

And... I'm addicted to this game. Be warned, you'll be hooked too. Just ask Melissa and Janine...

December 17th, 2005

A fine winter day in Ontario.

Finally got the Jakalope in Japan photos on line. I put them on a yahoo site because of the amount (there's lots) so click on the 'slide show' option for best viewing. And....look for a new Jakalope cd in the new year!

Great news at the Ladybird Sideshow camp! Janine, Melissa and I will be heading to Maui in February to visit our missing little bird Erin. It's been a year since she left us and I can't tell you how excited I am to see her...and sing with her again! And it will be nice to get out of Ontario in the midst of the 'winter blahs' time of year. Can't wait.

Set myself up one of those fancy 'Myspace' pages. Looky here.

Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday!

October 10th, 2005

A photo of the Jakalope show in Japan last week. Wow...what a place. We all took loads of pictures. I'll post the links soon. Thanks to Pony Canyon Records and to all involved in making the trip so much fun. Big hugs to the 'lopers. Thanks for letting me do my little singin' thing in your band. You guys rock!

When I get home, I'm joining Jacob Moon for a string of shows. Check out his new cd 'Eventide''s amazing! There's a Jaklope show in Toronto at the end of October, and some shows with Melissa and Janine coming up. As here for all the details.

Fall is here....yay!

August 15th, 2005

A couple days ago, I was lucky enough to add some backing vocals to the new cd Melissa McClelland is working on. It's gonna be amazing folks. Look for it in the new year on the Orange Record Label.

Speaking of Ladybird ladies...Janine Stoll has released a new cd called "This is where we bury it." People, it's stunning. Please head on over to her site and take a listen. Then make sure you buy it.

Jakalope played a funky show in Edmonton this month. Photos are coming soon. We're playing in Wasaga Beach on the 27th of August with Theory of a Deadman, The Marble Index and The Waking Eyes. Should be quite the show.

I'm taking a break from playing solo shows for a while. There's the show in Toronto in September, but that will be it for a while. Need to take some time to write and start working on the next cd. cd...

June 11th, 2005

June is "Adopt a Cat Month!" You can adopt the big fat cat above at the Toronto Humane Society . Her name is Chuckles. Haven't you always wanted a big fat cat named Chuckles? I know I have.

Another cool tour with Jakalope has come and gone. Photos are here. Catch "the 'lopers" at Edgefest in Toronto on July 1st.

This week, my wonderful friend Melissa McClelland is singing backing vocals for Sarah McLachlan for the last five shows of her tour. Yay Melissa!!!!

Sad news from Hamilton. The Staircase Theatre and Cafe will be closing July 2nd. The Staircase filled a void in Hamilton's arts/music culture for many years. The staff were fabulous and everything on their menu was extra yummy. Please stop by and show your support to this great spot before they close. There's hope someone will take over the business, so let's keep our fingers crossed for that.

Stay cool!

March 15th, 2005

Just finished up a great tour with Jakalope. Loads of fun! Above is a back stage shot of the band. From left to right is Shawn Stubbs, Katie B, Matt Hyde, me, Matt Warhurst, Phil Caivano and Dave Ogilvie. They are all fabulous folks to hang out with, and they're all amazing musicians to boot. Special thanks to Russ, Jeff, Metal, Aubrey and everyone else involved. Here are photos of the tour. There's talk of a few western Canada dates in May...I'll keep you updated.


Those imposing/supporting the current ban on pitbulls in Ontario should watch this.

February 7th, 2005

in December. It was surely a sad night for all. You may have already heard, little bird Erin has decided to leave us (hopefully just temporarily!) and head to warmer weather and sweeter skies in Maui. Puts a little dent in the live show thing, but you haven't heard the last of the 'birds! We're still going to try to tour when we can (hopefully in Maui!) and of course we're still the best of friends...regardless of the miles between us.

And since Skee has been having such a great time in the sun....Janine has decided to shuffle down there and check it out too. She has a return flight booked, but somehow, I think the allure of the place might just keep her there. *sigh* Hmm....maybe the 'birds should take over the island! Look out Hawaii!

In other news, I'll be touring with super-group Jakalope at the end of this month. I did some backing vocals for the cd, and they've asked me to be a part of the live show as well. Very cool!

Check out the info for those shows, and others on the live page.

p.s. Sorry about the update delay!

November 25th, 2004

It's here! It's here! The Ladybird Sideshow "Live at the Orange Lounge" cd is finished, and in our hot ( least warm) little hands. But should be in your hands! Come to the cd release shows this weekend to get a copy, or you can go to the order page and see all the other ways to get one. You wont be disappointed. It looks great (thanks to design queen Janine) and sounds great too (thanks to pretty Ladybird singing, and the awesome recording digs at the Orange Lounge.) We're proud of our new baby and can't wait to show it off to all of you.

The Hamilton Music Awards were great fun. My sweet friend Melissa McClelland won for "Best Video" and "Best Female Artist of the Year." Yay Melissa!!!

October 22nd, 2004

Over two nights last month at the Orange Studios in Toronto, the long awaited Ladybird Sideshow 'live' cd was recorded. Here are photos of night one and night two. (more pics to come) Thanks to family, friends and fans who were there with us, and big thanks to the Orange staff for making it possible. Special thanks and extra hugs to Daryn Barry and Metal for making it sound great. We're mixing and getting the packaging ready so keep your eye on our website for the official release date and shows to follow. Yay!

Here's something strange...I've been nominated for a Hamilton Music Scene Award for "Best Female Artist" of the year. I have no idea who nominated me, but thanks! A few of my favourite musicians have also been nominated for awards, including Melissa McClelland, Shawn Brush and Jamie Oakes. In the Hamilton Music Industry Awards category, my beautiful friend Mavreen David has been nominated too. Check out the website for details about the "Gala Reception" and the live performance schedule.

I'm fascinated by the fall colours of the trees. Anyone else notice they're especially brilliant this year?

September 2nd, 2004

Away and home...away and home. Kicked it to Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa with Melissa McClelland and Lindy where they kicked ass with their killer music. Played the 'Festival of Friends' with a couple of my fabulous friends. Spent a weekend at a great northern cottage and played the 'Fred Eaglesmith Great Northern Festival' with my Ladybirds. Headed to beautiful Bermuda to visit a beautiful friend. All incredible experiences. I'm so grateful to be able to travel as much as I do.

Leaves have begun taking their leave from the trees. My favourite time of year is upon us.....

July 5th, 2004

What a great couple of weeks. The tour with Melissa and Lindy was amazing, then the festival with the Ladybirds couldn't have been better. Lots of photos of both adventures are here (tour) and here (festival).

Lots more great shows in the months ahead. Check out the live page wont ya?

Congrats to my friend Tor Lukasik-Foss (Tiny Bill Cody)...he's a new dad!

June 9th, 2004

Holy moose...summer is here!

Some great news for a wonderful friend of mine...Jeremy Fisher went and got himself signed to Sony Music. No one is more deserving of an amazing record deal like that. Congrats to you Jeremy...(and Jill whom I'm sure had a hand in it all!)

I'll be singing backing vocals with Melissa McClelland for her western Canada tour starting next week. The tour is a double bill affair with Melissa's label-mate Lindy, whose incredible cd Suspension of Disbelief has finally been released. You can see all the details about the tour on Melissa's website.

Then, at the end of this month, the Ladybird Sideshow will play at the Thundering Women Festival in Thunder Bay. I'm excited about this festival because one of my favourite musicians Jane Siberry will be performing. I've been listening to and loving her music since I was in high school. I wonder if I will have the opportunity (or the courage!) to tell her how much she has inspired me over the years. Hope I don't geek out! There are many other great acts at the festival that I am looking forward to...should be a groovy time!

Update: All the kittens I fostered were adopted the same day I returned them to the shelter. Mom cat was adopted about 2 weeks later. Yay!

April 24th, 2004

Life...a strange and wonderful thing...

Today, sad news of the passing of talented Kitchener singer/songwriter Matt Osborne. I met him several times over the years and was always inspired by his music and kind nature. We'll miss you Matt.

Also today...the happy news that Ladybird Erin Smith is an aunt!!! Erin's sister delivered her first child early this morning. Congrats to all...especially Auntie Pants!

More news on the Ladybird front...Melissa McClelland's long awaited cd "Stranded in Suburbia" is finally available in stores. Because of hard work all around by Melissa, Mavreen and the Orange Record Label, you can pick the cd up at your local retailer.Yipee! We'll all be at the cd release show on the 30th of this month, and you should too! Check out Melissa's website for all the details.


March 16th, 2004

Those who know me, know about my intense love of animals. As well as my own clan of critters, occasionally I let some wayward furry friends temporarily share my home. Above is the current family. Mom cat and her 5 babies were dropped off at the Toronto Humane Society by their owner. Obviously the kittens are too young to be adopted out, so they and their mom will stay with me until they are ready to go to new homes. If you are interested in fostering (or adopting!) shelters around the world are always looking for help in both departments. It's a very rewarding way to help an animal in need.

Yesterday, Melissa McClelland filmed a video for her song "Jaded." Some of her friends (including me!) were lucky enough to share in the day and the shoot. Here's some pictures.

February 11th, 2004

Words can not describe the unforgettable time I had in Cuba with my Ladybirds. I don't think I've ever been so sad to leave a place. There were many beautiful moments, many beautiful sights, sounds and smells. And of course lots of sun.

Here are my pictures. Here are some collective pictures on the Ladybird site. And here is Janine's journal like low-down of the trip in her own sweet words.

I know it's been said before folks, but this time it's for real! I've hooked up with Inbetweens booking company in Europe for a tour in the fall. It's coming!!!

January 27th, 2004

All this crazy weather is too much for the Ladybirds.(Even though I enjoy the snow when I'm not driving in it!) So, we're off to a tropical beach soon. We'll be spending some quality time together loving the sun and rehearsing for the upcoming cd we're going to record. A real Ladybird cd! Yay! Check back here for the loads of photos I know will be taken on the trip.

Here are some pictures of a night of music at Healey's.

Be safe out there...

December 7th, 2003

I've had the pleasure of joining my friend and fellow Ladybird Melissa McClelland on her radio promo tour of Canada. The single "White Lies" from her upcoming cd "Stranded in Suburbia" has been well received at many radio stations and the video for the same song can be seen on Much More Music and MTV Canada. I can't tell you how proud I am of her and everything she's accomplished with her music. She's a wonderful friend and I'm so glad to be sharing some of her journey!

Pictures of the radio tour are here:
1. Toronto and Barrie
2. Guelph, Kitchener and London
3. Belleville, Brockville, Kingston and Ottawa
4. Calgary and Edmonton
5. Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria

You can catch the Ladybirds at "Christmas at the Casbah" on December 22nd. Info is here. Its a great night organized by the wise and whimsical Jacob Moon to raise money for Wesley Urban Ministries for this holiday season...

...and speaking of holidays...hope everyone has a wonderful one!

November 1st, 2003

A few weeks ago, the Ladybirds played at the Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario. A big ol' wonderful theatre complete with soft squishy seats, an attentive listening audience, a great sound system, groovy hosts...and bats. Played a couple chords of a tune and just before we started to sing, down swooped a very confused little bat. I thought he was cute...Melissa had a different perspective on that. After a couple of near misses to Ladybird heads, mister batty found a better place to be than caught in the bright stage lights, and hid away in the rafters of the theatre. The show continued without any other wildlife disturbances. It was a grand night, and you can see photos here.

Halloween night in never know what you'll see....

News on the Europe front...a tour is in the works for the fall of 2004. Yay!

September 14, 2003

A picture from the cd release show. It was a fun time! Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to those who shared the stage with me. I couldn't have asked for a better night. There are a few pictures here and there'll be more soon.

The second anniversary of September 11th has just passed. Jeff Robson of CJUM radio in Winnipeg had these kind words to say about my song on that subject:

"For radio hosts or those looking to commemorate this tragic date, Lisa Winn's CD "Out From Under" contains the most poignant and moving 9/11 song I've heard to date. "Cover My Eyes" will definitely be featured in my Sept. 11 memorial set, to be included in the brand new radio show I'm involved with. Lisa has perfectly summed up my feelings about the most significant event of my life time. Songs are powerful that way, and I'm often moved to remember things I'd rather not when I hear that song. But, it's a good thing, music's supposed to move you, and that song certainly does. It's going to be tough singing that song onstage on the second anniversary, Lisa, I don't envy you. Folks, go see Ladybird Sideshow and pick up Lisa's CD. Nuff said."

Wow...thanks Jeff.

Here's some pictures of the Ladybird Sideshow and Ox show at the Blacksheep Inn. Fun fun fun!!!!

August 27, 2003

Ladybird Erin Smith in the summer sun...Happy Birthday E-Pants!

Summer...gone too fast. Today though, I was thinking how much I am looking forward to favourite season. It's also the season of cd releases! September 6th you can check out cd release shows of local bands Snack, Warsawpack and me! Here's the digs for my show:

Lisa Winn - 'Out From Under' cd release show
Saturday September 6th
Absinthe (formerly the Hudson)
233 King St. East - Hamilton, Ontario - 905-529-0349
$6 cover - 9pm start

Opening the night will be Hamilton's own amazing singer/songwriter Les Cooper and incredible musical talent Jacob Moon. Other special musical guests include Melissa McClelland, Erin Smith, Bob Doidge, and the Gospel Girls.

Also, check out the 'live' page for more shows coming up in September.

The Ladybirds shared a bunch of nutty days in July, playin' music, makin' new friends, drinkin', hangin' out with horses, and just bein' the cool ladies that we all are. Here's some pictures.


July 5, 2003

Above...the prim and proper Ladybird Sideshow girls in Victoria, B.C. Someone decided it would be funny to take a "splits picture" in every city we played. Our adventure was quickly renamed "The Crotch Canada Tour." Heehe.

Again on our second tour, these amazing women blew my mind at every turn. I'm honored to be part of such an incredible musical experience. Their support, love and friendship mean the world to me....not to mention, they're all HOT! Look for some Quebec and Ontario dates in September when we share a short tour with "Ox." All the pictures of the May 2003 tour are here.

My new cd, Out From Under is being well received. Here's a couple of reviews. Go to the "order" page to get your very own copy! Speaking of the new cd, I'm hoping to have a release show in Hamilton soon. I'll post it on the "live" page when all is confirmed.

Looks like the Europe tour is not going to happen this year. But fear not Europe fans...I'll get there eventually!

I miss the west very much.

May 8, 2003 much change in my little world. I'm leaving Vancouver in a few days, which is very sad. I've made some wonderful friends here, and rekindled some old friendships. I've grown very attached to the beauty and spirit of this place. I hope to return soon.

But...there's a great reason for my leaving...the Ladybird Sideshow tour is what takes me away. I'm sooo looking forward to hanging out and singing with my girls again. I'm sure everyone here is sick of hearing about them, cause all I talk about is how awesome they are! We have the tour starting tonight, then festivals, various shows and smaller tours scheduled in Ontario for the summer. I'm really excited about it! Check out the new and improved website:

I've been having fun with my digital camera lately. I've done a couple of photo journals, the first one called "totems" you can see here.

There are lots of pictures here as well of a funky art/music/film/spoken word night that my roommates and I hosted at our house. Basically, the three of us called or emailed all our friends and asked them to contribute their creations. We were blown away by what showed up at our doorstep. Some very talented and creative people in this city. It was a blast.

And...oh yeah...MY NEW CD IS FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!! After many months of waiting, "Out From Under" has been pressed, packaged and is ready for all to hear. It will be available at all my upcoming shows, and you can order it on line at New World Cd's. For those of you who pre-ordered, your copy is waiting at Dr. Disc - 20 Wilson Street in Hamilton.( 905-523-1010) Other copies will be available for sale there for those of you who didn't pre order. The order page on my site has any other details you might need.

Good bye west coast....*sniff*

February 7, 2003

First, the sad news...the Europe tour scheduled for April has now been postponed until September.

But there's good news too! The Ladybird Sideshow (with all original members) shall live again!!! Look for us in May in a town near you as part of a cross Canada tour. Dates and venues to be announced soon.

My new cd "Out From Under" should be ready for release in April. I'm so excited!

The "super hamster" picture comes from one of my new favourite websites: . Drew rocks.

And check out my other new favourite website: . Free your books!

December 23, 2002

Vancouver is beautiful.

For those of you waiting for the new's coming. I promise. The finishing touches are being added, and it should be ready in the next couple of months.

Happy holidays everyone!

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